Delivery Policy

All products and services purchased through ShowTimeFinance.Co.Za are delivered digitally at the time of purchase. No physical products are provided or shipped during the course of purchase or provision of services. Customers are able to access the digital products and services via a secure portal using their unique access credentials.

“Digital Products” refers to credit reports, credit score, credit repair tutorials, videos, online training / learning content, data and or other material hosted on ShowTimeFinance.Co.Za By purchasing Digital Products through this website, you are agreeing to these terms.

1. When you purchase access to the digital products you are purchasing a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access the information. You may not publish or share the digital products or your login details with anyone else.

2. We make no guarantee of availability of the web server or hosting of the digital products, however we will make every reasonable effort to provide availability.

3. In the event of continued unavailability, we will make reasonable efforts to make the digital products available to download locally.

4. We reserve the right to vary these terms from time to time. If you choose not to accept updated terms, access to the service will be revoked. The latest version can always be found at this page

Any digital products which are purchased on a subscription basis will be subject to the same terms and conditions above, additional subscriptions will be charged each month on the same day as the day of the month when subscription was first activated.


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